Looking for free downloads to support your favorite Flagship Games products? Here you go! Just right click and beat feet before the cops get you! These will eventually be moved to the e-Shop (but will remain free, of course).


  • QRS Adapter: OTR! is designed for stands 2” wide. If your stands are a different width - say 40mm - here is a handy tool. This is a zipped Excel document. Download the file and save it to your computer. Enter the width of your stands and all of the game charts are automatically reset to the correct scale!
  • The OTR! Quick Reference Sheet This is the original that came with your rule book.


  • Not everyone has made it to the age of gunpowder, reason, and technology. Deep in the South Seas many tribes of pygmies still live in the old ways, and worship the old gods. This is a primer on these peoples, their gods, habitats, animal handling skills, and warfare. These of course, are also the rules for the tribes found in the vast seas of the world. Get Tribe Wars!


  • This is a stand-alone freebie - the good old fashioned kind. Buggies, Bikes and Trikes is a combination of Car Wars and Junkyard Wars with a little Fantasy thrown in. Get the rules here
  • Of course, you’ll also need the turn template
  • And of course the build sheets to customize your own buggy.

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